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to advocate for working-class artists; to provide equity in a network of cultural safe spaces – environmentally and economically resourceful housing, workspace, and skills development – and to utilize this community as a resource for educational, economic, and social benefit.

Portland, Oregon Creating Equity for Working Class Creatives

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  1. Office and Clerical 
  2. Messaging — Campaign Planning, Support/Informational Materials, Marketing and Management
  3. Funding — Campaign Plan and Execution, Grant Writing
  4. Legal — Attorney(s) of Record; review of supporting principles/premises at the foundation of proposed corporate-based programs
  5. Legislation and Political Outreach — Establishing a presence and maintaining advocacy for our proposal. 
  6. Academic Outreach and Curriculum — P.S.U. Nonprofit Institute and OHSU, as partners; curriculum development for university-based program, as well as proposed neighborhood school-based arts and crafts
  7. Design and Construction
  8. Property – Procurement and Evaluation
  9. Compliance and Government — Establishing a system of order, compliance, protocols, and recourse
David Kahl – 971-219-9324

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